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Palm Fruits, established in 2018, sells top quality Medjool dates to wholesalers and retailers throughout Europe all year round.

As part of the largest Medjool date marketing company in the world, we have access to 20 million kilos of Medjool dates, of which 2.5 million kilos of organic Medjool dates.

100 growers work all year round to grow the best Medjool dates for you!
8 packaging companies ensure that the Medjool dates are packed in customer-specific packaging. This is done under our own brands and under private label.

We constantly invest in the latest, post-harvest and packaging methods. We look for the most environmentally friendly packaging to provide consumers with the best dates in the world.

In addition to Medjool dates, we also offer 8 different date varieties. These are the Deglet Nour, Barhi, Ameri, Hayani, Hallawi, Hadrawi, Zahidi and Deri.
All these varieties have their own characteristics, but are all grown with the same love as our Medjool dates.

PASSION FOR medjool dates


Constant quality Medjool Dates throughout the year


Timely delivery all year round of the agreed quality, size, packaging and quantities


Short lines with customers growers and logistics.
We think in solutions!


We and our growers are constantly innovating with, cultivation optimisation and sustainable packaging


Growing the Medjoul Dates category in volume and turnover through collaboration


Our mission is to lead the global Medjool date market.
Become the market leader in the sweet, natural and guilt-free snacks category with our new brand MyJool.
Reaching new audiences by offering market education, awareness and new consumption opportunities to increase sales.

Our Team

Dirk Jan van Dijk

Managing Director

yasmine alaya

Sales & Marketing