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Once dates only adorned the tables of the royal palaces in the Arab Empire. Today, these majestic, candy-like dates are popular with Athletes, snack lovers and used in various dishes including desserts, all over the world.

The Medjoul date is also called “king of dates”. They have earned this name because they are larger, softer and a lot more flavorful than other date varieties.

Medjoul premium dates are harvested at the height of ripeness, naturally sun-hardened and chilled quickly to lock in the moist freshness.

Energy during sports

Nutritional value

Good source of natural sugars (combination of glucose, fructose, sucrose), which provides a boost of energy and a low fat and protein content.

Rich in dietary fiber, 6.4- / 11.5%, depending on variety and maturity.


Dates are sorted by size (weight) and loose skin. Loose skin is the degree to which the skin is detached from the pulp.

The tighter the skin is to the pulp and the larger the date, the higher the quality and value of the Medjoul date.

We distinguish the following weights:
Super Jumbo (27gr +)
Jumbo (23gr – 27gr)
Large (18gr – 23gr)
Medium (16gr – 18gr)
Junior (12gr – 16gr)