Medjoul Dates

Medjoul, King of the dates

Once, dates only decorated the tables of the royal palaces in the Arab empire. Today, these majestic, candy-like dates are popular with snacks and dessert lovers around the world.

The Medjoul date is also called “king of the dates”. They deserve this name because they are bigger, softer and a lot tastier than other dates.

Medjoul premium dates are harvested according to the climate of maturity, naturally hardened in the sun and quickly cooled to lock in moist freshness.

Like all King Solomon and Jordan River Dates, Medjoul Premium meets and exceeds the BRC and Global Gap International standards.

We package dates in various packages. Including the most used packaging of 5 kg, 2 kg, 1 kg and 500g. We can also tailor made packaging, like smaller packages of 300g or even less.
We also have the option of packaging in a private label.

The date is delicious as a snack, to bake with, for dessert or fill the date with cream cheese or walnuts.


Our dates are sorted by size (weight) and by loose skin. Loose skin is the ratio to which the skin is detached from the flesh.

The tighter the skin is on the flesh and the larger the date, the higher quality and value of the Medjoul date.

We provided 5 weight categories:
Super Jumbo (27gr +)
Jumbo (23gr – 27gr)
Large (18gr – 23gr)
Medium (16gr – 18gr)
Junior (12gr – 16gr)

The values ​​of our Medjoul dates are determined by cameras and computers as you can see in our corporate video below

Organic Medjoul Dates

A Way of Life
Dedicated to our organic farmers, which believe that natural farming methods help cultivate a healthy country that in turn yields a pure and tasty date. Years of experience have convinced organic farmers that, for example, the use of compost as a natural fertilizer helps mulching all vegetation in the date plantation, to increase the vitality of the soil, strengthen the tree and offer a rich and high-quality date. 

Modern science, combined with ancient methods of our forefathers, such as a modern drip irrigation in this arid region has maximized the use of water. Also the use of owls, against rodents in the date plantation.

Quality Harvesting
The harvest season of organic dates lasts from early August to the end of October. The meticulous cultivation methods employed in growing organic dates assures a harvest of the juiciest, highest quality fruit.

The organic dates from Palm Fruits are SKAL certified