Medjoul Dates for every occasion!

Bulk Packaging

For Retail, wholesalers or real Medjoul date lovers we have our bulk packagings of 1kg, 3kg or 5kg. 

Our pitted dates are ready for baking or just to pop in your mouth. An excellent source of fiber and potassium, these sweet and delicious dates also provide a generous health boost.

If you are looking for you own private brand unique packaging or just want more retail or whole sale information, Do not hesitate to contact us for for the latest information on our 100% natural bulk Medjoul dates.

Date Products

For generations, farmers and travellers have developed date products, to enable them to store and make use of the goodness of dates, all year round.

Date Spread was developed for use like jam, or as a filling in baked goods.
Silan, the date honey, is the purest natural alternative to bees-honey.
Date bars, carrying the energy and fiber in a soft and dry product, is a natural alternative to sweets or an energy bar, that can keep you going on a long day out of home.
We never stop developing new ways for you to enjoy quality products, catering to your customers needs and the changing trends of health and nutrition.

3 Dates 2 Go

Perfect as a healthy energy snack, packed with 3 succulent and soft  PREMIUM Medjoul dates, to take with you and enjoy on your way.

Suitable to place next to the cashier or in convenient stores.

For additional information please contact us and we will be happy to give additional information.

For the kitchen

King Solomon Pitted-Pressed Dates are made of 100% fresh dates, pitted and pressed in 500g vacuum packs. The whole process is natural, without cooking or boiling. Available organic, made from our fresh bio-organic dates.

They can be used as a healthy snack, to garnish good, in baking products, to make naturally sweet Syrups, and many more usages