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Founded in 2018, Palm Fruits B.V. works together with some of the world’s leading producers of top-quality Medjoul dates. Medjoul Dates is our specialty and dates is our exclusivity product.

Because we work very close with our Medjoul date producers we are able to control our customers desired product quality, logistic processes, administration demands, marketing demands and customer brand demands.

Our Quality

Our Medjoul date growers have a proven reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality Medjoul dates and this is combined with outstanding customer service and reliability.

Whatever the quality criteria – size, color, lack of blemishes, consistency, taste, shelf-life, and humidity retention – our growers regularly achieves the highest marks in the industry.

Medjoul Date Assortment

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Dirk Jan van Dijk


Today Izak Heijboer of agf.nl wrote and very article about Palm Fruits B.V. It is in Dutch but sure we will have the official article

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