As part of our corporate sustainability strategy, we are focusing on the preservation of nature and natural resources.

We are proud to announce that as of crop 2023, our product packaging will no longer include plastic tongs. This decision will impact every single packaged product under our care, across all date brands, and reflects our commitment to reducing the use of non-recyclable plastic.

In 2022, approx. one million plastic tongs were inserted into our product packages. The decision to discontinue the use of plastic tongs minimizes our annual plastic use by approx 30,000 kilograms. Yet the removal of plastic tongs is just one facet of our corporate sustainability strategy, which focuses on the reduction of substances and materials that harm the environment, as part of a gradual transition to 100% recyclability. Our newest brand, MyJool, currently uses 100% recycled packaging, and has also replaced some packaging components with compostable materials.